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Instructions for preparation and submission of abstracts

Abstracts are required for all oral and poster presentations. The maximum word count of the text is 300 words, excluding title and author information. If longer than 300 words, the abstract will be returned to the presenting author for reduction of word count. Please follow the instructions below for abstract preparation.

Abstracts should be formatted in Microsoft Word and saved with the file name in the format presenting author FamilyName_GivenName.doc (or .docx) (e.g., Reboleira_Ana.docx). For multiple submissions by the same presenting author, add the number 2 (and so on) after the author name in the file name of the second abstract (e.g., Reboleira_Ana2.docx), 3 for the third, etc. Submit each abstract file in a separate email.

All abstracts are to be sent via email to the organisation committee at 24icsb@gmail.com with the subject line of “ICSB 2018 Abstract-Oral” or “ICSB 2018 Abstract-Poster” as appropriate.

The deadline for abstract submission is: 28 February, 2018. Deadline extension: 7 March

Before sending your abstract file, please make sure that any and all edits have been accepted in “Track Changes” and that “Track Changes” has been turned off. If not, your abstract will be returned.

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and the presenting author will be contacted via email regarding acceptance as an oral or poster presentation. If your preferred oral presentation is to be changed to a poster presentation because of time restraints in the program, you will be informed by email.

Accepted abstracts will be placed on the program schedule only upon receipt of registration by the presenting author.

The Conference Timetable will be posted to the conference website when available, and will also be emailed to all individuals who submit abstracts. Please check this timetable for your presentation.

Abstracts should be formatted in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx files). Use Times New Roman font at 12 point font size. Use left justification only. Capitalize the first letter of the first word of a sentence or a proper name only. Do not capitalize any whole word except commonly used acronyms (e.g., ANOVA). Use italics style for species names only. Do not use any other style (e.g., bold) except for commonly accepted notations (e.g., superscript in “cm3” and subscript in α0.05).

Provide all of the following information in the order given. See the example abstract. You may use the example abstract as a template by simply typing over the appropriate sections.

Indicate if the abstract is for an oral or a poster presentation.

Name of the presenting author in the format Family Name, Given Name(s). Use entire given names, not just initials.

Email address of presenting author. Do not led with the word “Email”.

Title. Keep the title as short as possible. Do not use quotation marks around the title. Capitalize the first letter of the first word of a sentence or a proper name only. Use italics for species names only.

List of all authors in the format Family Name, Given Name(s). Use entire names rather than initials. For multiple authors separate each author name with a semicolon (;). Do not use the word “and” before the name of the last author. Indicate presenting author with an asterisk (*). Use superscript numbers to differentiate authors with different addresses.

List of author addresses. Use a separate line for each author in the order of the superscript numbers given in the list of authors. Begin each line with the appropriate superscript number. Do not use abbreviations but spell out all words, including state or province names and country names.

Text of abstract, limited to a maximum of 300 words. Do not indent the first line.

A Microsoft Word version of these instructions is available for download here: 24ICSB_Abstract_Example

Publication of the Conference Proceedings:

Each accepted abstract will be published with a doi number.

Please follow the instructions to submit the accepted version of your abstracts to the ARPHA platform: Submitting Instructions_ARPHA Conference Abstracts_ACA.

The posters should be uploaded as supplementary materials.

Please find the Proceedings of the conference in the following link:  10.3897/aca.coll.109